Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

We specialize in BHRT treatment that can improve your quality of life.

Restore Your Vitality With
Bioidentical Hormone Therapy in South Florida

We have a deep understanding of how the imbalance of various hormones affects overall health and the aging process. We aim to correct this imbalance with a holistic approach that goes beyond just administering hormone replacements. Our goal is to restore the balance which enables the body to utilize the hormones optimally, leading to improved well-being.

What are Hormones? and how do they affect health?

As chemical messengers, hormones are involved in many crucial functions in the body such as growth, fertility, metabolism and bone health. While testosterone is the major hormone in men that gives them gender-specific attributes, women predominantly have estrogen.

Hormone levels start to increase at puberty, reach their peak in late teen years and begin to drop after the age of 30. Every year after this age, the levels of this hormone continue to decrease. The hormone controls everything from fertility, sexuality to bone mass and muscle strength. Low hormones in both men and women can also lead to mood changes, anxiety or depression.

The hormone boosts neurotransmitters which in turn promote tissue growth while being an important ingredient in protein synthesis. With low levels of the hormone, muscle building becomes difficult even with exercise.

Take a look below for a few examples of symptoms that men can look for regarding low hormones issues:

At AgeWellDr, we offer a variety of tests to determine the cause of your symptoms. We have the experience and knowledge in womens and mens health to help individuals live a healthier lifestyle. With our effective treatments, you can get back to enjoying life with an improved mood, increased energy, and a higher sex drive.

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No men and women are alike; for this reason, the team at AgeWellDr provides treatment plans based on the individual. We focus our treatment based on their symptoms, medical history, and current testing. Testosterone therapy may be a solution that works well for you, or there may be another option that may be needed. Regardless of your age, medical history, or health needs, our medical staff is committed to helping you feel your best.

To learn more about the BHRT treatments available at our South Florida clinic, or to schedule a consultation with one of our medical professionals, give us a call today at (954) 324-7733.