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Safe Human Growth Hormone Treatment in South Florida

Hormone therapy has helped many men take control of their sexual health. Men that are considering this treatment should learn more about what is to be expected, how the process works, and the side effects. Below we answer a few of the most common questions we get on HGH Therapy.

We answer the most common questions and concerns about HGH treatment.

Although convenient, using the phone for a complete consultation can be difficult. For men wanting HGH treatment, we suggest that men visit our clinic in-person before treatment can begin. Our medical staff can provide a thorough evaluation and determine the root cause of what is affecting your body. Then we will assess if hormone therapy will be the right treatment type for you.
At AgeWellDr Medical Center, safety is our top priority. We require that all our patients see our physicians for a physical exam and undergo specific testing before any treatments can be prescribed.
Just visiting the doctor won’t be enough, at our medical center, we have to ensure that every patient seeking treating is doing so for medicinal purposes. We have to be sure that no conflicts will arise with other treatments the patient may need. The majority of our patients will qualify for treatment; however, current treatments for medical conditions must be evaluated first and considered before a patient is regarded as a candidate.
When administered correctly, hormone therapy is a safe procedure for patients and a valuable tool to help many men enjoy their sex life again. At AgeWellDr Medical Center, we monitor our patients very carefully to ensure every patient is doing well with their prescribed treatment.
Depending on the patient, every treatment has its share of side effects. At our medical center, we minimize the side effects of hormone therapy by prescribing doses that are identical to natural hormone levels in healthy men; this helps to avoid any unwanted side effects.

When Should Men Consider Hormone Therapy?

Every person is different, but many men begin to experience a decrease in testosterone at 35 or older. In the beginning, the lowered level of testosterone is barely noticeable, but over time, more symptoms will occur.

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