Is Your Current Physician Offering a

‘One-Size-Fits-All Approach?’

Our physicians offer a customized program that has an incredible success rate
for men and women of all ages, and any medical history.


Dr. Zamil Islam recognized the potential of providing his patients optimal medical care by using both traditional and complementary methods that proved an understanding of one’s medical condition and therapies that produce results.

Dr. Islam received his undergraduate degree from the Florida Atlantic University followed by attending Touro University Nevada where he received his medical degree. He then did his medical training at St. Lucie Medical Center before returning to South Florida to open his own practice.

Dr. Islam has found that custom treatment programs are needed for each individual patient , whether dealing and treating sexual dysfunction to hormonal deficiencies, each require an in-depth, individualized assessment and comprehensive treatment program for each patient. Our experienced medical staff extends special attention to three factors: a confidential experience in the medical center, carefully evaluating each patient’s medical history with diagnostic testing, and determining the appropriate treatment options that are uniquely prescribed to each patient.