HD Radiesse vs Sculptra

It’s Time to Get to the Bottom of Non-Surgical BBL

Beauty trends keep changing — and right now, the ideal body figure has a firm stomach, toned thighs, and plump buttocks. You can achieve this last one with butt enhancing injections such as Radiesse filler injectables and Sculptra injections.

Let’s look at the various non surgical butt lift options and BBL alternatives, so you know exactly what to expect from the procedure.

What Is Non-Surgical BBL?

Before you proceed with booking FDA-approved buttock injections, it’s natural to ask, “What is non-surgical BBL?” It is important to want to know what you’re getting into. More importantly, you must study its pros and cons including non-surgical BBL cost.

Non-surgical butt lift is done to enhance the shape of your bottoms using safe fillers for buttocks. The cosmetic injectables stimulate collagen production to tighten, lift, and increase the volume of tissues in the buttocks area. And although you will see an initial difference in the appearance of your bottom, optimal results typically show within 4 to 6 months. This is because the injectable slowly boosts your natural collagen production.

How long does a non surgical BBL last? The results last for an average of 1 to 2 years — some might even enjoy the results for even longer. However, the results aren’t permanent because the body naturally and safely absorbs the filler over time.

Sculptra Vs. Radiesse Injectable Butt Lift: Subtle yet Visible Differences

The two most common types of butt injections are Sculptra and Radiesse. Let’s have a quick overview of each of the BBL non-surgical alternatives so you can make better informed decisions about Radiesse vs. Sculptra for buttocks shape enhancement.

Sculptra has a high poly-L-lactic acid (PLA) content that boosts collagen synthesis. It aims to improve cellular metabolism and increase collagen production in a natural and long-lasting way. Not everyone is a good candidate for this FDA-approved procedure, though. You will need to consult with an experienced, licensed medical professional to determine whether it’s advisable for you.

One of the other alternatives to BBL is Radiesse, an FDA-approved dermal filler that specifically targets aging or sagging skin. It contains calcium hydroxyapatite microspheres that blend into a water-based gel that is easily absorbable by the body. It stimulates collagen and elastin production and tissue regeneration, showing immediate contouring and, a few weeks after the treatment, smoother and firmer skin.

How Do Sculptra And Radiesse Work To Augment And Lift The Buttocks?

What are butt shots, and how do they help you achieve your desired appearance? They are non-invasive cosmetic procedures that effectively lift and augment your buttocks, making them look more toned and giving your body a curvier appearance. The two most common options for non-invasive buttocks augmentation are Sculptra and Radiesse.

What is Sculptra for buttocks enhancement? Sculptra is an FDA-approved dermal filler that stimulates collagen production in a targeted area. This cosmetic injectable increases collagen production over time. The results are slow but sure.

How does Radiesse work? This injectable filler focuses on tissue regeneration and collagen reproduction. It effectively addresses sagging skin, making the skin feel firmer. Moreover, it naturally adds volume to help you reach your aesthetic goals.

How Are Sculptra And Radiesse Applied?

Sculptra and Radiesse take a slightly different approach to non-surgical butt lifts. However, both treatments are pretty straightforward and administered similarly — they both use state-of-the-art cosmetic technology and are administered by a medical doctor, registered nurse, nurse practitioner, or physician’s assistant with the proper license.

The doctor may administer topical anesthesia or numbing cream around the area to be injected, then inject the dermal fillers right away. It doesn’t take more than 30 minutes.

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Radiesse VS Sculptra: How Soon Before Results Appear?

Sculptra will show initial results, but the optimal results will only show up after some time. In fact, it could take several weeks before the patient starts showing signs of higher collagen production. As such, your medical professional might recommend scheduling 3 treatment sessions 3 weeks apart so you can achieve great results.

On the other hand, Radiesse shows results immediately and further enhancement in a few weeks because it stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis. Depending on your health, you can enjoy the results of this BBL alternative for one year or longer.

Why Do People Choose Non-Surgical Butt-Lifts Over Surgical Or Brazilian Butt Lifts?

There’s a reason people debate between Radiesse vs. Sculptra for BBL alternative treatment rather than going for an actual Brazilian butt lift.

The first and most obvious answer is that both Radiesse and Sculptra are non-invasive procedures that automatically add shape and volume to your buttocks section. To be clear, they use dermal fillers and injectables and do not require going under the knife or general anesthesia.

Second, dermal fillers might result in temporary moderate pain. However, these procedures are generally safe as long as they are administered by a licensed and certified medical provider. Meanwhile, Brazilian butt lifts have higher safety risks.

Third, injectable butt lift options are more convenient than the surgical alternative because they are administered quickly and have minimal downtime. You can also immediately notice the effects — even though butt implants are more noticeable.

Fourth, it’s ideal for enhancing the ‘hip dips’, by filling out the hollowed areas with collagen -stimulating injectables.

Fifth, it’s ideal for skinny people who don’t have sufficient amounts of fat tissue for the surgical BBL, hence models love this non-surgical option.

Sixth, it’s not just about adding volume but also improving the texture and contouring of the skin in the treatment area.

The total cost of Radiesse vs. Sculptra depends on various factors, such as your target area, current body shape, the number of vials or syringes necessary to achieve your desired look and how many sessions you require. Generally speaking, however, you can add $100 as a consultation fee. Also, both non-surgical options cost less than traditional butt lifts, making them easier on the pockets.

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